What is the Coalition?

SAPE is comprised of a diverse group of Ajo leaders working toward the common goal of a safe, healthy and drug-free community.

How Can You Help?

There are dozens of ways to make an impact in the future of Ajo and some don’t take much time at all. Find out how you can help.

What Are We Up To?

The best way to learn about SAPE is to see what we are doing in the community and read about upcoming events.

We Cherish Ajo!


This is a unique and beautiful “Colonia” –  an oasis rich in copper mining history, nestled among the far-western mountains of the Sonoran Desert.  For over a century, our citizens have developed strength, resilience and self-sufficiency with an amazing ability to unite and take care of ourselves. Although we enjoy the simpler things in life, we are also proud to have earned the reputation as a leading-edge community politically, socially and culturally. From Tri-National and cultural re-economic development programs and a burgeoning art scene to nation-wide recognition for our Sustainable Agriculture programs and Authentically Ajo Farmer’s Market,  Ajo continues to thrive and evolve. 

7 Strategies to Affect Community Change in Ajo

Provide Information

Ensure that the community of Ajo understands the gravity of substance abuse through online media, presentations, public service announcements (PSAs), brochures, billboards, town halls, and other communication.

Enhance Skills

Help train the community through workshops, seminars or activities, training, parenting classes and school programs to be better equipped to address the issue with positive and effective strategies.

Provide Support

Supporting strategies are designed to stop substance abuse before it starts, as well as help those in recovery. Such as: the creation of alternative activities, referrals to services, support groups, youth & parenting groups.

Reduce Barriers

Improve systems and processes to increase access to substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery services. Also find strategies to discourage individuals from engaging in illegal/harmful behaviors.

Change Consequences

Creating incentives for those engaging in positive behaviors and strategies, and determing effecitve consequences to decrease the probability and occurance of  illegal/harmful behaviors.

Change Design

Changing the physical design or structure of the environment to reduce risk or enhance protection (e.g., parks, landscapes, signage, billboards, public service announcments, lighting, outlet density).

Change Policies

Supporting formal changes in policies, laws and procedures aimed at preventing current & future substance abuse. This might include workplace initiatives, law enforcement procedures and practices, and public policy.

Some of our

Coalition Partners.

Funding for Ajo Coalition is made possible by the Partnership for Success Grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the State of Arizona and Cenpatico Integrated Care.

Want to help us make a difference? Let us know!